Volunteer Opportunities (Board and PAIMI Council Member)

  • We are currently accepting Board of Director nominations.
    Click here for Board Member description and application.
  • We are also currently accepting nominations for the PAIMI Council.
    Click here for PAIMI Council Information, Member job description and application.

A majority of members of both the Board of Directors and the PAIMI Council must be persons with disabilities or family members of persons with disabilities. The Board and PAIMI Council value diversity of culture, disability and other life experiences.

In order to assure that both the Board and PAIMI Council reflect, to the greatest extent possible, the geographic and ethnic diversity of Arizona, the ACDL encourages individuals from rural areas, bilingual and distinct ethnic communities, and other traditionally underserved communities to apply for positions.

The Board and PAIMI Council will review all applications, select some candidates for an interview, and make recommendations to the Board and the PAIMI Council.