About the ACDL Board

ACDL is mandated by federal laws to serve individuals with developmental, mental and physical disabilities. Members of the Board of Directors reflect the diverse constituency served by the agency. Persons with disabilities, family members and professionals are all represented. ACDL also is committed to appointing members representative of Arizona’s diverse ethnic and cultural communities and makes efforts to ensure the Board reflects different geographic areas of the state.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Arizona Center for Disability Law, the designated Protection and Advocacy (P&A) system for Arizonans with disabilities, welcomes all nominations for its Board of Directors and is accepting applications throughout the coming year.

TO APPLY: You may obtain an application by clicking on the “Board of Directors – Application” link below or by contacting Natalie Luna Rose at (520) 327-9547 or center@azdisabilitylaw.org. Please complete and return the application as soon as possible.