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Our Mission

The Arizona Center for Disability Law advocates for the legal rights of persons with disabilities .....

* to be free from abuse, neglect and discrimination
* to have access to education, health care, housing and jobs, and other services in order to maximize independence and achieve equality

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Important Announcements

Arizona Center for Disability Law Announces

2008 Annual Tucson Leadership Awards

"Recognizing individuals who championed a critical health care need."


The Center's Short Term Assistance Team (STAT) will be in Yuma, Arizona for our Southwestern Conference on Disability Rights, on Thursday, April 24th and Friday April 25, 2008.  Accordingly, we will not be accepting new requests for assistance on those days.  If you need assistance, STAT will reopen on Monday April 28, 2008.  Thank you.


SAVE THE DATE - Southwestern Arizona Conference on Disability Rights - Friday April 25, 2008 - Yuma

Have you ever been denied a reasonable accommodation at work?

Is your child’s school following their IEP?

Has your child been on a waiting list for DD services?

Does my vote really count?

Are you interested in learning more about the issues older caregivers face when planning for the future care needs of a family member with developmental disabilities?

Have you ever experienced difficulty locating affordable and accessible housing?

The Southwestern Arizona Conference on Disability Rights is a one-of-a-kind conference dedicated to the delivery of information about a wide variety of disability rights and resources. Experts from the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Network and the Governor’s Council on Spinal and Head Injuries will lead workshops on special education, traumatic brain injury, health care services, employment, vocational rehabilitation, assistive technology, voting, and housing. Click here to view Conference brochure and registration form.



Reserve la Fecha -Conferencia del Suroeste de Arizona sobre Derechos de Discapacidad -  Viernes 25 de abril, 2008 - Yuma

¿Le han negado alguna vez una acomodación razonable en su trabajo?

¿Está siguiendo la escuela de su hijo su Plan Individual de Educación (IEP)?

¿Ha estado su hijo en lista de espera para servicios de DD?

¿Realmente cuenta mi voto?

¿Le interesa conocer más sobre los asuntos que los cuidadores de mayor edad enfrentan al planificar las necesidades futuras de cuidados para un pariente con discapacidades del desarrollo?

¿Ha tenido alguna vez dificultades para encontrar una vivienda asequible y accesible?

La Conferencia del Suroeste de Arizona sobre Derechos de Discapacidad es una conferencia única en su clase, dedicada a proporcionar información sobre una amplia variedad de derechos y recursos de discapacidad. Expertos de la Red de Discapacidades del Desarrollo de Arizona y del Concejo de la Gobernadora sobre Lesiones de la Médula Espinal y la Cabeza dirigirán talleres sobre educación especial, lesion cerebral traumática, servicios de atención médica, empleo, rehabilitación vocacional, tecnología asistencial, votaciones y vivienda.




Traumatic Brain Injury Survivors & Family Conference Tuesday, June 3, 2008



Pima County Board Of Health Public Hearings On Long Term Care Services. Public Input Wanted


Do you receive or provide long term care or home health services in Pima County?  If so, the Pima County Board of Health wants to hear from you!   (please click here for more information)



Arizona Presidential Preference Primary Election Set for February 5, 2008



ACDL secures important legal victory in home and community based services class action lawsuit.


Just a few days ago, our staff secured another ground breaking legal victory for Medicaid beneficiaries.  The decision in Ball v. Rodgers, from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, confirmed the right of low income elderly and people with disabilities to sue to enforce their rights to receive reliable home and community based services in their home, rather than be forced to go to nursing homes in order to get the care they need. 


Our fight to ensure that every Arizonan has a meaningful choice to live in the community is far from over.  Our victory this week is just one step in the process.  The case now returns to the U.S. District Court in Phoenix. 


Read the press release on this recent development in Ball v. Rodgers.




The Arizona Center for Disability Law has been certified by the Arizona Department of Revenue as a Qualifying Charitable Organization for providing assistance to the working poor.  This now allows taxpayers to make a cash donation to our organization prior to December 31, 2007 and be eligible to receive a dollar for dollar Arizona State Tax Credit of up to $200 for single taxpayers or $400 for married taxpayers.


To be eligible for this credit, you must have itemized deductions and deducted the charitable contributions on a prior year’s Arizona tax return (1996 or later.)  The tax credit is in lieu of a deduction on the Arizona return; however, it remains an itemized deduction of the Federal tax return, if the taxpayer is itemizing deductions.


Please contact us for more information or visit the Arizona Department of Revenue website:





The Arizona Center for Disability Law will be listed as a participant in the 2007 State Employees Charitable Campaign.  Last year campaign funds are raised by over 45,000 State Employees, in support of over 600 charitable agencies.  We appreciate and encourage State of Arizona Employees’ generous contributions to our organization so that we may continue our service to the disabled community in Arizona. 


For additional information, please visit the SECC website:




Self-Advocacy DVD - Your Rights as an Employee with Disabilities


What to Expect After You Have Filed an Employment Discrimination Complaint.  A 20 minute video on employment rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act and going through the mediation process after filing a discrimination complaint.





Arizona Center for Disability Law Merchandise Now Available!

You can now order Center T-shirts, mouse pads, hats, calendars, buttons and other products at Café Press.  Profits from the sale of all Center merchandise support our legal work on behalf of children and adults with disabilities.  Visit today!



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